Classic Routes™ for Self-guided Tours
Experience some of the world’s most awesome scenery by way of some of its most legendary
motorcycling roads. Ride fully equipped touring bikes, stay at the best located quality hotels/resorts
and dine at customer-preferred restaurants.

Pacific Coast 1150GS on Desert Road Jenny Lake Route 66 Niagara Falls
California Dreaming 13 days, 15 nights, 1872 miles...
American Southwest 14 days, 16 nights, 3026 miles...
American Rockies 15 days, 17 nights, 3338 miles...
Canadian West 14 days, 16 nights, 3193 miles...
American West 20 days, 22 nights, 4099 miles... Itineraries > Prices
Northwest Discovery 14 days, 16 nights, 2769 miles...

Self-guided Tour Packages Include
Motorcycle rental, basic liability insurance, rescue and recovery membership, BlackBerry
smartphone with GPS, on-the-road tour support via SMS, orientation, route maps, collision damage
waiver, empty luggage storage, and unlimited mileage. Hotel pre-reservation service available.

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Motorcycle Rental & Touring Holidays in the USA & Canada
See Current FLYRIDE-USA Motorcycle Tour Packages for Self-guided Riders
Tour services include: motorcycle rental, classic tour routes, hotel reservations, orientation, GPS...
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